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Frequently Asked Questions


1.    What is an energy evaluation?

An energy evaluation offers standard, general recommendations for energy improvement, typically aimed at lowering energy bills.  If excessively high energy bills are your problem, this can be a good, basic place to start.  


2.    What are the problems the evaluation will help solve?

Receiving an energy evaluation for your home can help solve a number of problems you may be experiencing. Issues such as high energy bills, temperature discomfort, health and safety concerns, water intrusion, or poor indoor air quality are generally top customer concerns that can be solved.


3.    What are the requirements to qualify for a free home energy evaluation?

·         You must be an Entergy or SWEPCO electric customer

·         Your house must be more than one year old

·         The home needs to operate on central heating and air conditioner

·         There cannot be any unvented gas appliances.


4.    How long does the evaluation take?

The evaluation generally takes from around three to four hours. This amount of time allows for the auditor to properly evaluate your windows, doors and ductwork for possible leakage. 


5.    Do I have to be home?

Yes, we would like for you to be there so we can consult with you during the evaluation.


6.    Do you take appointments after 5pm or on the weekends?

 No, we schedule appointments Monday-Friday beginning at either 8:30am or 1:30pm.


7.    What preparations do I need to make prior to the evaluation?

If you have not given a Home Energy Rx representative your Entergy or SWEPCO account number prior to the evaluation, please have that available for the auditor the day of testing. We will need access to all of the heating and air vents, attic and crawl space, and to the front door of the home. If you have a fireplace, it cannot be burning and should be clean of all ashes.


8.    If I am not an Entergy or SWEPCO customer, how much will the evaluation cost?

The evaluation will cost approximately $500. Please contact us for more information on coupons and incentives that are available to help reduce the cost of the evaluation. 


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